1. an act of racism by a minority, towards a majority.
2. an act of racism on a race which was previously suppressed by that race, or was a target of racism by the race in the past.
Blacks hating whites for suppressing them in the past is reverse racism.
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by Shulelee March 16, 2006
When people of a minority make decisions because they don't want to people to be racist toward them.
An Aboriginal school program not following cultural protocol because they are worried about "reverse racism", being judged as having money.
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by Helper44 November 04, 2010
Making assumptions about a person's race based on generalizations about that person.
A black person moves across the street from you.

You think "There goes the neighborhood."

Reverse Racism:
You think "All black people just moved across the street from me."
#racism #assumptions #generalizations #black #there goes the neighborhood
by CiL4eva July 05, 2011
the act of acting prejudice against someone of their own race, especially because that person does not fit the typical persona of a particular race.
Blacks calling another black person "white" because they act, to them, more like a white person than a black person. Calling someone a "white nigger" would be a prime example of reverse racism.
#racism #race #prejudice #stereotype #discrimiation
by J. Ellis October 15, 2008
The act of insuating that people the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X, both civil rights activists, as well as organizations such as the NAACP, are racist.

The irony of this argument is that it is usually applied by those already harboring racial prejudice, as the subjects in question were a product of, and necessitated by, racial injustice and motivations to correct it themselves.

This may yield the argument that it is injustice that pro-White organizations cannot coexist, but there's a problem with this argument for three reasons:

1. Europeans/Caucasians have never been historically disadvantaged by racism; the irony is that America itself was founded by the extermination and subjugation of other races.

2. As a result of #1, the dominant race of America was European/Caucasion, leaving other races a minority factor and this has not considerably changed in today's day and age in spite of its more multicultural population.

3. Pro-White organizations have a notoriety for asserting the ideology of White supremacy. White Nationalist organizations that have surfaced after the steady decline of the KKK are contended to be a sanitized face for White supremacy, since violent demonstrations of force were no longer acceptable.

This is usually applied by those identifying with the political far right, who are historically anti-civil rights, as the KKK themselves were far right. It should also be noted that moderate conservative Abraham Lincoln caught a lot of flack for his civil rights views by his own party.
reverse racism in action:

Person 1: Isn't it racist that the blacks have the BET channel, i.e. Black Entertainment Channel?
What if white people had a "White Entertainment Channel." Blacks would be screaming about it! Let's make this fair! If we're going to pick and choose, then we need to look at both sides of the fence!

Person 2: Stop bitching. Mostly everything else on tv is targeted towards white people.
#reverse racism #conservative #kkk #far right #barack obama #martin luther king jr #malcom x
by heavensxnight July 10, 2008
Compound noun. In its most basic sense, reverse racism implies the opposite of good old, healthy, classic racism the way it was always meant to be - against black people. A reliable source of white complaints about affirmative action and words like "cracker". Apparently, hypocrisyis an apt synonym, implying that non-whites have no right to weild the weapons of a damning social construct that was invented to be used against them for political and monetary gain. Isn't it obvious that today's reverse racism hurts white people far more than centuries of state-sanctioned violence and systematic oppression ever could?
Everyone would have forgotten all about the whole race issue by now if black people weren't constantly throwing reverse racism in our faces!
#sarcasm #racism #hypocrisy #cracker #white trash
by whitechick August 10, 2006
When a white person, in their attempt to take every last thing away from non-whites, claims to be a victim of racism in order to trivialize or deaden the impact of acts of racism perpetrated by whites.
"Well, we took chocolate and made that white, we turned Jazz into Kenny G, we turned Chinese Food into chicken balls, we turned rice into Uncle Ben's, we turned Funk into Disco, we turned Mexican Food into Taco Bell, we've colonized just about every Latin, Asian and African country, what's there left for us to take?? OHHHH!!! Let's take RACISM, make it our own and call it 'reverse racism'!!"

"I supported that poor black family whose son was beaten up by that gang of seven skinheads, until I realized that the black boy was using reverse racism on those poor young Nazis. That's right, the racism of those seven white boys was not as great as the reverse racism of that one black boy, whose influence and power clearly overwhelmed the poor white boys into beating him up."
#racism #bigotry #discrimination #prejudice #sexism
by osibisa November 15, 2007
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