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a person who can't grow a mustache very well and it doesn't connect in the center unlike hitler's mustache
i didn't shave for 3 weeks and i grew a reverse hitler
by slouvbry stouvre June 29, 2006
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a mustache that instead of being one strip in the middle, like Hitler, is shaved in the middle and left alone on the sides.
Guy 1:"Dude, that guy has a reverse Hitler, cool!"

Guy 2:"You fag, he also lives in the trailer park and sells crack"
by fez_loverr August 14, 2009
A mustache which is thick and full on the outer edges, but clean shaven in the center below the nose.
This guy I saw at Wal-Mart, with a NASCAR t-shirt, and a 6 pack of bud light, was rocking a gnarly reverse Hitler.
by Bunny Cruncher April 02, 2011
a technique in which a women shaves out a small square in the middle of a sea of hair on her vagina
While eating the rotten slime cave all I could stare at was the glorious reverse hitler.
by mingus6912, jester January 03, 2009

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