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When you are laying in bed and your significant other releases a gas from their anus trying to trap you under the covers, you (if you are stronger or sneaky) then reverse it so your partner is caught in the atmosphere of his/her own stink.
scott tried to trap me in a dutch oven last night but I reversed it and he had to smell is own fart for once, giving him a reverse dutch oven.
by lindy May 15, 2006
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When you love the smell a girls farts so much that you trap her under the blankets until she lets one rip so you can inhale it straight from her boot-ay.
"Dude, I reverse Dutch ovened my girl last night because I just can't get enough of her sweet lady stank."
by Drkblglass May 18, 2016
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You fart in the bedroom and then dive under the covers to escape the stench.
by Ben Dovers 111 November 06, 2009
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