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The process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant
are coming to dominate more sectors of our society.
by Lindy July 15, 2003
ATMs with outrageous fees. Usually worse at an events such as a concerts or games.
Dude - will you stop somewhere I need to get cash before the concert.

They have ATMS at the concert.

Yeah - but they're rape me ATM's.
by lindy August 26, 2007
Violent but pleasurable sex
Girl 1: I can’t wait for this business trip to be over so my boyfriend can give me a beating, I am so horny.
Girl 2: What kind of beating, a spread eagle beating?
Girl 1: What other kind is there?
by Lindy March 23, 2007
When you use too much deoderant and you have little white chunks of it still left in your armpits.
I thought lacy was hot until she put her arms over her head and I saw her deodorant dingleberrys.
by Lindy May 28, 2006
You cannot have an argument with them because they are always right, no matter what. They pretend to know everything about anything. It annoys the piss out of everyone that is friends with him or her. Most of the time they are not correct. They are a knowbuddy.
Dude – what the hell was Jamie talking about?

I don’t know, she is such a knowbuddy, always talking out her ass and trying to look intelligent.
by Lindy January 29, 2008
When you are laying in bed and your significant other releases a gas from their anus trying to trap you under the covers, you (if you are stronger or sneaky) then reverse it so your partner is caught in the atmosphere of his/her own stink.
scott tried to trap me in a dutch oven last night but I reversed it and he had to smell is own fart for once, giving him a reverse dutch oven.
by lindy May 15, 2006
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