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Originating at Georgia Tech, in the fraternity house of Pi Kappa Phi, a "return to sender" is only successful with a partner. While receiving great head, the male must, without warning, ejaculate into the female's mouth. Lost in the confusion, the woman must swallow the semen and then proceed to vomit on the male's penis. The return to sender is a rare sight to witness and is rarely planned. If you have been on the giving or receiving end of this depraved sexual act, consider yourself lucky.
Bro: Dude, why was that chick running out of your room?
Brosef: Man that bitch gave me a return to sender.
Bro: Grody
by Students of Georgia Tech November 15, 2007
Having doggy style sex with a girl while she is performing oral sex on her mother. The motion and position looks like the man is trying to push the girl back to where she came from.
I had a mother-daughter three way, and got in a return to sender.
by DoGeeseSeeGod August 31, 2010
A Shotgun/wootang that goes around an entire group of people smoking a blunt/cigarillo. While smoking either a blunt or cigarillo (filled with reefer) someone proceeds to give the person next to them a shotgun/wootang. Then the person who just recieved a shotgun/wootang holds his/her hit and gives the next person a shotgun/wootang. Keep sending the shotgun around until the last person gives the originator (person to give first shotgun/wootang) a monstrous shotgun/wootang. This works best with 3-4 people. It is important to remember to hold the hit you recieve to give the next person a shotgun/wootang with.
Man that 8 person return to sender was crazy.

That guy just died after the perfect return to sender.
by WOLFPACK4LIFE February 17, 2010
When you are having sex with a girl, but then you turn around and take a steaming shit on her butt, returning the fecal matter to a place where it knows.
We were getting pretty hot the other night until he gave me the old "Return to Sender", and now my sheets will never be the same...
by 420smokethistoo June 24, 2016
When a man reaches 65-75% of "full mast" (full erection) and has his partner tuck his twig and berries under and around his taint into his rectum.
Aaron, return to sender my erect friend.
by Ricky My Bobby July 11, 2011
An act made famous by the horrific film swap.avi where one woman pushes another womans shit back into her arsehole.
(while watching swap.avi)
Guy1: oh my God what is she doing??
Guy2: Return to Sender!
Guy1: (vomits)
by k0nfl1ct November 21, 2010
When a transgendered girlfriend ejaculates in her lovers mouth and her lover in turn, spits the semen back in her mouth.
I gave my girlfriend (Transgendered) a return to sender.
by southernkrusade October 31, 2010
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