Who says it has to be the opposite of metrosexual? A retrosexual is (in the female case) that woman who eschews the sexual-revolution plank of feminism in favor of more-traditional values. Perhaps even 1950s values (this is not to say she goes as far as the cone-bra). A little burlesque, a little Betty Crocker, the retrosexual woman has new-fangled spunk and old-fashioned values: she does for abstinence and monogamy what Slang Flashcards do for Dover illustrations. She may be, well, Sexless in the City, but only 'cause she chooses to be.
At my cocktail hour the other evening, we were discussing just how "retro" I am — that I have at some times sought to attract men by baking them cookies or knitting them slippers. "You're so RETRO!" someone cried. "Oh no," I replied. "I'm retrosexual."
by Anna Broadway October 25, 2004
One who maintains a Metrosexual lifestyle; even though the fad is so yesterday.
Dude, plucking your eyebrows is so retrosexual.
by Doc Richmond March 08, 2011
A person who is sexually attracted to older people.
** Examples of Use**

1. Krista will only date people who are 10 years older than her. She is a hopeless retrosexual.

2. The older women is the cougar while the younger man is the retrosexual.

3. If you use the term MILF then you might just be a retrosexual.

4. Hugh Hefner's playboy bunnies ==> retrosexuals.
by seydie July 23, 2010
A person who has not had sex in several years, or even decades
"Dude, I havent gotten laid in months, I think im turning retro sexual"
by Mikeynineinch June 14, 2007
Someone who used to have sex but now doesn't whether voluntarily or not.
I use to do it all the time but now I'm a retro-sexual
by SLD1989 February 12, 2009
Of a mindset that people can get their groove thing on and be perfectly civilized about it. Best typified by the Rat Pack lifestyle: Great suits, martinis and holding the door for women so you can take a peep at those gams.
"That sharkskin suit sure is metrosexual, Frank."

"Retrosexual, daddy-o. Oooh, look at that dame over there!"
by eponodyne October 05, 2005
Someone who doesn't care what he looks like, in other words the complete opposite of metro sexual
You consider retro sexual to be the anti David Beckham
by KHW October 10, 2005
This word wouldn't exist if "metro" didn't happen to rhyme with "retro." It's supposed to mean the opposite of a "metrosexual," which makes it another superfluous word since we already have a word for the opposite of a metrosexual called "straight."
You are retrosexual
You are straight
by mr Monkeypenis August 23, 2005

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