1.(n)someone that has no luck finding work or purpose in the civilian world so they relunctantly came back to the original enlistment they choose to leave in the first place.
2.(n)individual with the drive to make up for lost time/purpose with a follow-up enlistment(s) that means absolutely nothing. Essentially achieving the required 20 years of bullshit to recieve a pention in nonconsecutive terms.
1. GySgt Haney is a poster board retread.
2. Timothy knows being a retread puts him in the highest ranks of losers, but he makes the most of it anyhow.
by kool keith March 23, 2004
Top Definition
Your basic idiot. A stupid bastard with his head up his arse.
"One of this days you're gonna get busted for smoking pot in the storeroom, you fucking retread"
by James Q Fudge August 01, 2003
Someone who has earned a certain amount of sobriety and abstinence from chemical addiction, but has relapsed and is trying to stay sober again. Most commonly heard in 12-step program circles.
"I don't know if he'll be able to stay sober. He's a three-time retread."
by funkiemunkee February 04, 2010
a woman that has no shame; esp. when in reference to sleeping with guys that know each other; a woman that has been "passed around"; scandalous
"Hey, who's that girl talking to Bob? Is it that re-tread from the party the other night?" "Sure is..."
by Kirkles July 30, 2005
Old coffee that has been re-heated.
I'm too lazy to make fresh coffee, so I'm drinking retread.
by ColdbloodedCuddler May 07, 2011
1. a used tire with a new tread

2. a person who was in the military and is comes back or is recalled in order to perform additional service

3. someone who used to be in a particular, job, institution, etc. but has no will, desire, or capability to continue or return
They had yet another retread in tow.
by The Return of Light Joker December 23, 2010
Calling an old girlfriend to join you for the evening. You have no intention of being serious with her, but she is a "sure thing".
My friend Scott often comes into work discussing the "retread" that he called from the bar the night before.
by Big Al NYC April 07, 2006
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