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The unpleasant and unmistakeable smell of pent up ball sweat experienced by a woman when giving head to a man.
"I almost wouldn't mind giving hummers if it weren't for the ballstank."
by funkiemunkee February 04, 2010
Abbreviation for "dick picture text." This is an unsolicited and unexpected picture text message of a man's erect penis, sent to a woman the man perceives as attractive in a misguided attempt to woo the woman. Most often DPTs are received with varying amounts of disgust, ridicule, and rejection.
I thought he was pretty cool until I got a DPT on my phone at work. Now, I know he's just a freak.
by funkiemunkee February 03, 2010
Any hypothetical, highly imaginative, very improbable, and likely physically impossible sexual act or position involving fecal matter defined on urban dictionary by young men as a result of too much free time, overindulging in porn, and a scarcity of real time social intercourse.
"I guess some are kind of funny, but most of the sexpoo is just dumb and silly."
by funkiemunkee February 04, 2010
A caucasian person who has become annoyingly enamored of Native American culture and embarassingly tries to incorporate these traditions into their life. This includes adopting a spirit animal, participating in "sweats," decorating homes and rearview mirrors with dreamcatchers, much to the amusement and or disgust of other caucasians and Native Americans. A variant of the concept behind the term "wigger."
"Where's Jim?"
"He's gone to spend the weekend sitting in the woods with nothing but a blanket and discover himself."
"I know, flipping windian idiot."
by funkiemunkee February 04, 2010
Someone who has earned a certain amount of sobriety and abstinence from chemical addiction, but has relapsed and is trying to stay sober again. Most commonly heard in 12-step program circles.
"I don't know if he'll be able to stay sober. He's a three-time retread."
by funkiemunkee February 04, 2010
A man is "porned out" when he has watched so much porn, he loses touch with reality. Typically he over-manscapes, with the misguided impression that it makes his dick look bigger, and insists on trying painful positions he has seen in skinflicks. Usually thinks he's amazing in bed, but has no idea of what a woman wants.
"I really liked him until we got busy. What a disappointment, he's totally porned out. (sigh)"

"He really porned-out his junk, so he looked like a hairless twelve year old. (shudder)"
by funkiemunkee February 04, 2010
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