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absurd, insane, or more than necessary - A combination of the words Rediculously and Retarded. Best used as an adjective.
"Steve was totally wasted, he was acting retadulous."

"I have a redardulous amount of work to finish by this evening."
by xgamefusion January 13, 2005
Used in situations where the word ridiculous or retarded is not enough to describe the fully mind blowing moronic action caused by a person/situation.
You leave your boss angry voice mails threatening to kill his puppies, drop a Cleavland Steamer on his desk and expect not to get fired. That's retardulous.
by Mariebaca February 09, 2010
The Act Of Being Ridiculous To The Point Of Retardation.
Lady Gaga Was So Retardulous When She Came Out In That Egg Thing At The Grammy Awards.
by Chelsoid September 03, 2011
something that is so completely ridiculous on its face, that one must assume that the person who suggests or insists on it must be cognitively deficient to an incredible degree.
unpaid internships are retardulous. adjunct professorships are retardulous.
by nycdd August 06, 2008
Like ridiculous, but more extreme, i.e. because of retardedness (although not actual mental illness).
The decisions this town planner makes are absolutely retardulous.
by Tom Vek November 05, 2011
1. a state of extreme intoxication.
2. to an extreme degree.
3. potentially dangerous or regrettable
"Last nights smoke sesh was retardulous" or "you looked retardulous getting into the back of that squad car"
by Eescuaird November 21, 2008
Its so retarded its ridiculous
Wow that show was the biggest piece of crap on television, George Lopez is retardulous!
by keightisgreight November 17, 2010
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