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n. The state of utter stupidity that results from lax channel rules on IRC.
-> Ops #drugs: this channel is overrun with retards
-nixxie:@#drugs- you just noticed?
-persephone^black:@#drugs- lmao... i lost track of convo long ago
-> Ops #drugs: nah.. it's been this way for well over a year.. but the level of retardity never ceases to amaze me
-nixxie:@#drugs- hhahahha....i guess thats what you call "entertainment"
-persephone^black:@#drugs- is retartdity a word?
by GreenJello May 15, 2006
Extremely high concentrated levels of retardation.
George Bush's retardity has reached unpresidented heights
by Skrilla 88 March 10, 2008
The quality or condition of being retarded.
I can't believe he's still defending his retardity.
by Mogs May 28, 2004
combination of two words,retardandstupidity
She tripped over a crack in the sidewalk,because she was looking down,tring to be careful.It was her own retardity!
by cherub April 25, 2005
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