1. a tardis for retarded time lords.
doctor don called for his assistant, and the retardis, so they could leave.
by stupid retarded time lord March 28, 2006
Top Definition
N. Acronym: Retrogressively Experienced Time And Relative Dimension In Space; a space/time-travelling vessel that is much smaller on the inside
"I wouldn't bother bringing the stereo. The RETARDIS may take up more space than an aircraft carrier, but the interior is about the size of a phone box."
by chromalogue April 24, 2008
A term for a person that is actually more retarded on the inside than they appear to be on the outside.

Derived from "retard" and the Dr Who Tardis machine.
"I didn't realise she was so stupid at first! She is such a retardis!"
by drmwoz October 28, 2009
A person whose mental capacity is not as small as it would appear from the outside
You mean John's normal? i thought he was definitely a bit slow. He's a total retardis.
by affleck April 29, 2009
A British time machine that malfunctions at every level of performance.
Given all the trouble that Doctor Who has controlling the Tardis' destinations, they should have called it the reTardis.
by Patrick W. Crabtree January 15, 2008
a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective throughout all time and relative dimension in space.
He thinks Dr. Who is a real Doctor? What a retardis!
by mina.kaiser November 26, 2011
Anyone who says anything stupid while talking about the cult BBC series 'Dr Who'
A retardis is usually spotted in pubs (albeit sober)
1) Retardis "Is Dr Who real?"

2) (Conversation between a Retardis and his girlfriend)

Retardis "He's not a real Dr Who - he doesnt have a big scarf. All the real Dr Whos had big scarfs"
Retardis Girlfriend "Hes got a big hat"
Retardis "Oh yes - hes got a big hat. He doesnt have a scarf tho"
by Azrepheal March 26, 2005
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