The absolute FUNNIEST thing I ever saw on the internet. Involves small, talking, baby, animals going on inane adventures. Very, very vulgar at times but the MOST AMAZING thing ever.
Retarded animal babies rocks my world.

Cat: Dungeons and dragons: a game with weird shaped dice and fuckloads of rules
by Who cares? October 10, 2005
Top Definition
"Yippy-ki-yay, motherfuckers!" *shoots AK*
by Link February 14, 2004
A seriously funny flash cartoon that many people think is a blatant ripoff of the flash cartoon series "Happy Tree Friends". This is not true, simply because the characters talk and make jokes in RAB, whereas in Happy Tree Friends the only "humor" is pointless violence.
Retarded Animal Babies pwns Happy Tree Friends.
by Wo0gy May 20, 2005
The most priceless, most hilarious thing to grace this planet. It is a fucked-up cartoon about these five animals : the Hamster, the Dog, the Bunny, the Cat, and the Donkey. Satan even makes an appearance! The basic summary of the series is that.....well, it differs on each episode, but it is assured that you will witness humor at its finest, complete with foul language and loads of crude AND intelligent content.

This series was made by an author on Newgrounds named David Lovelace, and the series is now a franchise, which includes merchandise such as clothes and even CD's.

Go to Newgrounds and look for Retarded Animal Babies. You won't be sorry.....or will you?
"They're all hilarious, but the Hamster is my favorite of the Retarded Animal Babies."
by Dave December 14, 2004
A series of flash videos which are extremly funny. It features a sex-crazed, horny dog. A bunny which dies in most episodes, kenny style. A hamster which wants to fuck bruce willis. A donkey which is plain retarted but is the funniest. And finaly the cat, who once put some magic eggplants in his derriere.

If you havnt seen it, definately check out the series on newgrounds.
"Let's all catch thumbtacks on our bear eyes!" -Donkey
"I put some magic eggplants in my derriere" -Cat
"I brought 2 lesbians playing ping-pong with their life affirming jubblies" -Dog
"It are suckiest" -Hamster
"C is for clamhat." -Bunny

My point is, Retarded Animal Babies rocks!
by Yaziyo November 14, 2005
Retarded Animal Babies is a site of which is very amusing. Sadly, epiodes aren't being made anymore, but if you watch ANY of them (might be good to start at the top and work to the end to get the jokes) its pant-pissing hilarious. Anything these little critters say is quotable material. Everything.
"I swear to christ I'll assrape you with rusty corncob holders!"
by Brocko January 13, 2004
A hilarious flash cartoon series, created by David Lovelace. Viewable at Newgrounds. Better than Happy Tree Friends.
"If there's a rusty coat hanger in there...I got an idea for a game."
by Raptor October 21, 2003
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