A person who works at dominos and did not go to college, or went to community college
The pizza guy at dominos is retarded
by Bobby E June 23, 2007
Someone who lacks the abilities of cognitive reasoning, astract thinking, and rational thought.
That dumb whore who called George H. W. Bush a retard for winning the 2004 election is in fact, THE RETARD.


People who don't like guns and alcohol.
by Skip Merkin March 02, 2007
some one who is completely terrible at games and kills his own team mates and completely suck balls
ayyyyyyrrrrrrrrrr you guys are ReTaRdS
by Phat marty July 26, 2007
mentally handicapped
an example of retard would be the definitions of azn contributed by azns
by azns are retarded August 03, 2003
someone who stands in the middle of nowhere drooling.
they often where their pants as high as they go. they have little freinds (only pitty friends)
they have alot of stupid problems, like having egg heads.
they don't know the difference between emo and prep and they cry alot.
retard: hello!
prep: oh...hello (hesitation)
emo: you have an egg head
retard: nuh-uh! (tears)
prep: your so mean
emo: the world treats me like shit, so that's how I treat it...
retard: you cussed...(runs away crying)

now those are retards
by evy ieroway keene November 29, 2007
1. Idiots who watch the Superbowl just for the commercials or think it is hilarious to laugh about how they think it's about the commercials. Usually internet addicts and dumb asses who choose to hate against the people of "that" side of society and failed to realize in their blind drive to hate against sports, jocks, and physical activity they've become just as close minded as the jocktards they rebelled against. Good fail.
That guy: The superbowl? Is that the 30 second thing of men running inbetween the commercials.?

This guy: Nope. You are now among the retards.
by OmniAce February 14, 2008

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