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society has decided that retard means someone stupid, dumb, weird, etc. but really, a retard is someone who is mentally retarded and has a mental condition that effects how they learn or do things.
Look at the first definiton for Retard and you will find the correct definiton.
by Anonymous June 15, 2004
The only word in the world that is considered offensive when used properly and used improperly. If used as a replacement for the word stupid someone will immediately point out how you're being offensive. On the contrary, if you call someone who is mentally handicapped retarded, you will also be called offensive.
Person one: You just chugged a 2 liter of Coke and a box of Mentos? You retard.
Person two: Hey, that's offensive! (Proceeds to vomit Coke everywhere)

Person one: Aww, poor Timmy is retarded.
Person two: Hey, that's offensive!
by Mr. P. FLuffee June 14, 2010
To slow something or hinder
A fire blanket is a fire retardant.
by hammertime April 13, 2006
9-12, Tea Party, and any other political group spending their time thinking they can change anything
The Marietta 9-12 are a bunch of Retards.
by Newman_1 August 16, 2011
What Asian parents call their child if any academic grade is lower than 95-100 range.
(Asian Mom looking at report card)

(Asian kid opens the door)

Asian Mom: You got B in math! Are you retarded? Yes, I think you are.
by kevwang95 June 13, 2010
Jill: Hey do you know that guy Nick?

Chris: Sure I know Nick. He's a R.E.T.A.R.D!
by jtizzle554 November 18, 2011
A retard is a person who does a Scientology course and thinks that it contained valuable information.
Mike thought that that COS management course was really clever - what a retard!
by Bobb The Snob March 21, 2012
One who attempts poetry in the form of noise known as rap
Snoop Dogg is a retard.
by Norin March 11, 2005