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A relationship struck up for the sole purpose of making the ex of one or both parties jealous. Usually short lived and ending badly for both.
Friend 1: Why the hell is Justin hooking up with Katie, I thought he was with Amy?

Friend 2: Yeah well he was until she dumped him for her ex. Now he's just in a retaliationship.

by Erricred March 23, 2009
A relationship in which the two partners are together for retaliatory purposes:
a/ to fight with each other about why they ever got together
b/ to prevent each other from being with someone else whom the other dislikes more than the other person in the relationship
c/ to punish each other for all past grievances in said relationship
Those two can't stop fighting and should have broken up a thousand times,but neither will let the other be free - its not a relationship, its a retaliationship
by hulaballoo December 29, 2008
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