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A word originating in an artifical Bostonian community. Similiar to wicked in its cultural backround because it has various connotations.

1. retad (noun) - fool; someone who does something retaded
2. retaded (adj) - describing someone who does something retaded
3. retad (inj) - to express great satisfaction
4. retad (adj) - descriing something that's temporarily or permanently COOL.
1. You're a retad PenGUin, you just got pwned/knif3d by a n00b.

2. People who claim to be able to tell the future through their dreams are retaded.

3. Retad! That's amazing!

4. That's retad, d00d, so sweet.
by Mike September 03, 2004
when retards do not know how to speak. they drop the 'R' like they are trying to represent Boston (the 508). slow people have many problems and never have any idea what is going on
"That kid is a retad." "Thats just Josh. He is always like that. You can't tell? He finally graduated high school at 20 years old."
by Chad's Small Johnson August 22, 2009
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