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someone being refered to as Retarded and stupid.
That Heffa Is So restupid! She spelled her name wrong!!!
by Clarksboi October 19, 2005
7 11
someone who is mad stupid or retarded
You're restupid, dont ever say anything like that again.
by BIG Neek November 05, 2006
13 5
an insult, a person who is not only stupid but retarted, the state of being stupid while at the same time illustrating the qualities of a mentally challenged person, or, presently, a retard
Wow, I cant believe you just asked me if you can park in a handicap space your so restupid!!
by KaitlinPierce January 11, 2006
5 11
A term used to describe someone who is or has done something beyond stupid and beyond retarted.
Brea: Hey, your Spanish book is all in Spanish!
Shannon: Brea, you're restupid!
by Chica_Chica March 19, 2006
4 11