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someone who is mad stupid or retarded
You're restupid, dont ever say anything like that again.
by BIG Neek November 05, 2006
someone being refered to as Retarded and stupid.
That Heffa Is So restupid! She spelled her name wrong!!!
by Clarksboi October 19, 2005
an insult, a person who is not only stupid but retarted, the state of being stupid while at the same time illustrating the qualities of a mentally challenged person, or, presently, a retard
Wow, I cant believe you just asked me if you can park in a handicap space your so restupid!!
by KaitlinPierce January 11, 2006
A term used to describe someone who is or has done something beyond stupid and beyond retarted.
Brea: Hey, your Spanish book is all in Spanish!
Shannon: Brea, you're restupid!
by Chica_Chica March 19, 2006