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1. Someone who is so smart they act retarded

2. The process with which you reverse the condition known as "retarded".

Wesley knows a lot about video games, but thats all he knows. That kid is so resmarted.
by Tom Snell March 08, 2007
Anything that can be smart and retarded at the same time.
Sure, that fish laminator was ridiculous, but he got rich from it. Amazing what a resmarted idea can do for an idiot!
by BabyMerkin July 20, 2010
A comment or an idea made with good intentions that is actually retarded.
Caley creates some of the most resmarted ideas, she thinks her ideas work but they are so retarded.
by Jackel 6 October 10, 2010
To post innumerable lyrics, poems, or quotes to your flickr/myspace/facebook profiles, and loosely play them off as your own by not giving credit. To resmart.
Jillian's profile is so damn resmarted, it's full of wannabe Radiohead lyrics.
by Mary A May 08, 2008

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