a male or female far right wing, social conservative, gender nuetral.
Jerry Falwell's pouty lips make him the perfect poster boy for republicunts everywhere
by John Morales May 19, 2006
A loudmouth,ignorant,obnoxious,neo-con woman with strong right wing beliefs. these creatures are usually religious and judgmental.
Ann Coulter, or Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Ann Coulter is such a republicunt can you believe what she said on Larry Kings show last night.
by Dan Lancer February 28, 2009
A woman with political power who, in spite of having said power, hates feminists or actively seeks to limit the rights of other women. Most republicunts are of the Republican persuasion. Obviously.

Sarah Palin claims to be a feminist, but her stance on abortion clearly marks her as a republicunt.

by Mad_Hell September 01, 2008
A blowhard loudmouth conservative female whom after insulting people that did not agree with her during the election and rambling incessantly about her candidate, still wont shut the fuck up and continues to act like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum for days after her party loses.
Ann Coulter is a Republicunt.
by Jumpy from NY November 08, 2012
a particularly obnoxious, odious and ignorant female republican
"sarah palin is such a republicunt!
by moonmade October 31, 2010
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