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A side-effect of snackerbating with Cheetos or other similar cheese-flavored snacks. Commonly abbreviated "od."
girl: why is your dick orange?
guy: I was snackerbating with Cheetos last night and have't showered yet, so I've got orange dick.
by bikerag August 25, 2006
An orange-dick is a male that still lives in his mother's basement. Usually fat and usually a neckbeard. So named because eating Cheetos (the traditional food of these people) will stain your hands orange, and masturbating with an orange hand will give you an orange penis.
Mick: "I hate Jack! He's such an orange-dick."
John: "Yeah man he just sits in his mom's basement and plays Halo all day."
by Sneaky Foot December 05, 2014
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