One who always votes for the minority party hoping neither gains enough control to pull anything too stupid and with the understanding that both are out to screw us raw.
Ed thinks the Democrats will rob us blind and the Republicans will make us too poor to steal from so he usually votes Republicrat.
by zakarious May 21, 2011
someone who sees both sides to or agrees/disagrees with aspects of both democrats and repubicans
There are things I agree with for both Bush and Obama, so I'm a republicrat
by jaykayforlife October 17, 2010
democrat or republican who preaches their political parties beliefs then passes laws or supports actions that are contradictory to the paradigm of their particular party. The creation of a single system party through the action of supporting the opposing political parties views, policies, laws, or interests.
republicrat: every democrat and republican; for an updated example read up on your current events. Who is in what party and who is supporting wars, taxes ect. see if it falls into the definition of a true democrat or republican or if those particular party members have blurred the dividing line to the point of acting in the interest of a republicratic single system party.
by word123 December 31, 2009
1.) A philosophical stance within this type of mindset that display a right to grant either party proper respect when it comes time to get shit done. Also, they surrender positive attributes to both sides of the fence.
2.) Simply open-mindedness with a strong loyalty to their country in her purist form.
1.) When a Republicrat finds out the crowded building is burning down they don't keep it secret and quietly find the door in order to risk those near the door block the exit for them to perish inside.
2.) Every Republicrat that I know believes in unity and faith to the homeland first.

by djsee4 March 05, 2009

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