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Tent city erected around failed urban and suburban centers resulting from the supbrime mortgage crisis of 2008 and the subsequent house foreclosures.
Failed republican policies have caused me to lose my home; looks like I'm going to be moving into a republicamp beside the sewage plant!
by Marquo September 19, 2008
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A tent city populated by the homeless or unemployed who are suffering due to rampant deregulation, mismanagement, and all-consuming lust for short-term profits.
Lack of regulation caused mortgage failures, resulting in the growth of republicamps for the new homeless.
by platzapS September 19, 2008
The modern-day analog for old Hoovervilles.
Shantytowns of people who have lost their homes as a result of years of unscrupulous deregulation, corruption and incompetence in government.

America's Gini index (income disparity) has moved into Third World territory and it seems logical for Americans to live in shantytowns the way much of the world does.
On the bright side, maybe all these Republicamps will inspire a movie as compelling as 'City Of God.' Man, that movie kicked ass. Wait what were we talking about?
by entropywins September 19, 2008
A tent city set up by people who have lost their homes in the mortgage crisis caused by Republican economic policy.
The Joneses used to live in the suburbs, now they are struggling to survive in a republicamp.
by fauxbama September 19, 2008
A large homeless encampment in a major city that exists because of foreclosures and the recent economic recession caused by retarded Republican economic policies.
"The recent spike in homelessness led to a Republicamp being set up near the local church."
"I hear that Barack Obama fellow's a Muslim."
by Goodspaceguy September 18, 2008

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