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A member of the Republican Party, derogatory.

Pronounced with an accent on the "re" to mimic other similar-sounded derogatory terms, such as retard.
I hope we can vote these repubs out of office.

That damn repub!

Those repubs have really screwed up the economy.

This real stupid repub is making a mess out of our society.
by Bed Time December 03, 2009
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short fr cocksucking republicans. ughh fuck em. your dont know shit.
Fucking repubs, god-damn baby killers.
by notorious democrat June 21, 2007
Repub: Political Party also known as Republican or GOP. It is the response of Democrats to the growing habit of Republican cable news commentators and elected officials to calling their opposition the "Democrat" party.
Carville: "If Repub senators want to keep losing elections they should oppose Obama's stimulus package."

GOP Congressman on CNN: "The Democrat party is spending too much."
Democratic Congressman responds: "The Repubs drove the economy into a ditch and now we are trying to fix the mess they made."
by Medford Man May 16, 2009

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