Showing respect to where you come from.
Represent yo clique mother fucka.
by n4r3d January 18, 2003
to claim or declare something as yours; to belong to, be a part of
I represent that dirty south.
by only1princess July 05, 2003
Represent Company, Ltd. is engaged in producing their own collection of clothing and accessories for leisure was established in October 2000 in Prague. With its unique style quickly (around the period of 2 years) found a place among global brands. Given the focus on the target group of young people in particular is available in shops specializing in snowboarding and skateboarding all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia in many places.

See also: Horsefeathers, Fucking Weather, Nugget, Funstorm
Represent Four Seasons Clothing
by Mr.Pranksta December 28, 2010
Yo, we all represent the hood, the only difference between us is that we make this shit look good. - Keith Murray
by Diego September 20, 2003
to show where you came from
by Anonymous June 20, 2003
To serve as the official and authorized delegate or agent for.
When it comes to fine-ass honies, my chica be representin'.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 20, 2002
Something said by dumbass yuppie posers in order to get thier ass kicked.
Marlow: Represent, yo!
by Max May 11, 2004

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