The process of recovering from a colonoscopy.
My dad came home from his colonoscopy, and now he's in repooperation
by sambarnes February 29, 2008
Top Definition
n. - (ri·pup'·ər·eɪ'·ʃʌn)
The oft-necessary resting period that follows the routine unloading of fecal matter from the human anus.
The word is a blend of "poop", a slang term for fecal matter, and "recuperation."
-Examples of morphological derivatives are:
repooperative (area or period)
repooperacoon (modeled after the recuperacoon from MS Paint Adventures)
Jim has been in the bathroom forever, maybe someone should check on him." "I just did; he's all done, just waiting out the repooperation period. He can't even walk for long without first repooperating.
by Astrapto April 14, 2011
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