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Deodorant used for the second time in one day for the purpose of freshening up.

One may use reodorant if he/she is in a rush or is too lazy to take a shower.
After track practice, Jim applied some reodorant to keep himself smelling fresh.
by jab4343 June 05, 2011
Term referring to deodorant. In some cases much more accurate.
-What was that shit?! Some bufoon just walked by sportin' some rank reodorant!

by lambonini October 10, 2007
To apply more deodorant to your armpits, of which have been completely overtaken by your nasty armpit stench.
Bro #1: Come on, Bro, we gotta got the Sarah's party!

Bro #2: Hold on, Bro, I gotta re-odorant my nasty armpits.
by lamalf July 18, 2008

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