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A term that sums up the general stupidification of America. There was a time when Darwinism would weed out the weak and slow. Then the lawyers, lawsuits, rules, signs, warnings on coffee cups, "Click it or Ticket" and a thousand other things we have to deal with on a daily basis were brought on. Making sure even the laziest and biggest moron could not only function but maybe make a couple million bucks with a frivolous lawsuit.
The TSA is so wildly fucking renoed that they are attempting to enforce rules that never made sense and they are not even smart enough to either actually enforce them or understand them.

When someone hands you a steaming cup of coffee and the cup has text stating "contents may be hot" it is renoed. A more demanding population would ask that there be some words of wisdom rather than a statement saying that your hot drink might be hot.
by gotrenoed? June 17, 2011
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