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a girl who is totally crazy but yet amazingly awesome.
Omg! Did you just see that girl? She must be a reni
by !Cubegirl. December 21, 2008
The sensitive sweet spot of the penis where the shaft meets the penis head. The area just under the penis head rim and right above the shaft which is the most pleasurable region of the penis.
I suggested to my wife that she licked my renis in order to make my penis hard, so that I would be ready for sexual intercourse.
by Mick Dodus October 14, 2006
reni is a beautiful amazing girl.she is not short but not tall has sexy legs and very pretty. she is very fragile around mean people and would break down in tears within seconds.if you have a reni as a girlfriend you would never want to let her go she is amazingg
timo: woah see that girl she is sooo beautiful

lala: damn she must be a reni she is gorgeous
by mariaiswonderfulandgreat December 20, 2013
Crunk party.
Party that the cops end up crashin'.
Yayee yayee!
"Renis like a rockstar."
by Brustin September 08, 2007
an improper writing of "penis" attributed to a refrigerator at Born in America Restaurant and Pizza Kitchen.
"What does that say on the fridge... renis?"
by Ryan March 18, 2004
A penis in renal failure.
He's not long to live ... just look at that renis!
by damissy April 16, 2005
A busty female about 5'2. Usually has dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes.
"Rena you're name doesnt rhyme with anything so we're going to call you Renis."
"You know what? Rena is a boring name, from now on you are Renis."
by Rena March 10, 2005
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