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(n) A male who fathers a child and makes no contributions to its rearing, providing neither emotional nor financial help to his family. Often unmarried to the child's mother or divorced, usually resented by the offspring.
1. Mary's father skipped town when she was five and she never heard from him again. What a deadbeat dad!
2. My dad's always off drinking or gambling. The lousy deadbeat's never around.
by discountalligator July 09, 2003
(n) The act of having emotionally moved on and matured, used in reference to an unpleasant experience.
1. It's been a year since our break up, I think I'm finally over it.
2. Although the car crash that killed his brother was a traumatic ordeal, the young man got over it as time went on.
by discountalligator July 09, 2003
(n) An anacronym for "Multi User Character Kingdom" or other variations. Refers to a complex, often theme-oriented chatroom environment, similar to a MMORPG only text-based rather graphical and usually intended for online socialization. MUCKs are accessable either through telnet or specially designed programs known as "clients" (i.e. SimpleMU* or MUSHClient) and generally possess some degree of roleplaying.
1. She spends more time on the MUCK than she does watching TV.
2. Dave downloaded a client and registered for a character on the MUCK.
by discountalligator July 09, 2003
1. (v) The act of moving from one place to another, often used to describe great distances or faraway destinations. Transporation.
2. (n, pl.) The reference to events that occur during one's visit to another place.
1. Bill traveled to England during his last vacation.
2. In all my travels, I've never seen anything so strange!
by discountalligator July 09, 2003
(n) An abstract spiritual concept desired by many and debated for centuries by theologians; a confirmation of faith or meaning from the deity in question, enlightenment.
1. Seeking religious truth, Jane joined the covenant.
2. I'm not sure even the Pope or the Dahli Llama has attained a real level of religious truth.
by discountalligator July 09, 2003

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