Religion: The classification of large scale communicable diseases that tends to affect people in the IQ range between 1 - 69 (rare cases exist in which it can propagate in minds above 69 IQ). The symptoms are classified by a widespread grandiose delusion, psychosis (losing the ability to differentiate what is real and not), unwarranted hostility, social isolation, megalomania, and often violence.

We all have the cure its just a matter of it being widely available, currently a vaccine(intelligence) is in production but it seems we will have a lifelong pandemic to account for.

We can only hope that the vaccine doesn't run out before a resurgence of this pathogen...
"Insert any religion" throughout time has had the unfortunate side-effect to turn countrymen against one another, nations against each other, and even has the ability to tear families apart.
by The Voice of Reason and Logic January 13, 2012
Complete farce used to control people and give powerful people a reason to start wars and fuck people over.
Country 1: I really dont like country 2, fuck it, lets invade and say God appeared to me and told me to do it in the name of religion.
by God dosent love me April 02, 2010
the biggest load of bullshit on the planet.
Bill stop going to church you retard. Religion is bullshit.
by EIiiTE HiiTMAN March 13, 2009
An organized group of typically many people who share similar beliefs and in most cases believe in one or more gods or deities. Many religions have symbols and sacred histories as well as narratives intended to explain the meaning or origin of life and teach values and principles. There have been many religions over the course of history, some helpful and some destructive. Religion is often blamed for causing most of the world's problems, however the blame should be placed on the persons and/or nations that caused them and not the religion they belonged to. Conflict would exist with our without religion, however many easily-offended atheists would have you believe otherwise.
Many people belong to a religion.

Catholicism is a very old religion that has been around for many years.
by MERASMUS!! September 29, 2014
Helpful sometimes, often not.
Cause of many deaths, prevention of others.
Keeps people sane, makes people crazy.
Respected, abhorred.
Good. Bad.
There is no accurate definition of this word that doesn't leave something out.
Religion drove extremist Muslims and Christians to do horrid things.
Religion helps people through hard times.
I can't seem to figure out what I should think about it, so I'll just stay neutral.
by ellipsisdotdotdot February 19, 2011
Contagious form of schizophrenia. Also the blame for billions upon billions of murders and countless wars.
Religion is the cause of the Holocaust, genocides, and 9/11.
by Mr. Crowley August 26, 2008
socially accepted insanity, followed by holy wars, terrorism, illogical beliefs, coincidental good news coined as "miracles", and random doorbell rings from jehovah's witness
join our religion, because god said you will burn if you don't
by The guy who keeps it real June 25, 2015

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