Somehting that ruins the world. It's responsible for all major wars and has caused suffering and death of millions of people. This world would be a much better place with out religion. Religion has caused more bad then good. Religious people do good things for selfish reason (ie fear of god or reward from god). People only follow religion cause their too weak-minded to accept that we don't know what happens after we die, it comforts them to think there is an afterlife. But the truth is we don't know and can't know untill we die. This world could progress in science and intelligence if religion was abolished. People would appreciate life more and there'd be alot less violence.
From everything I've seen religion has harmed more than helped.
by GreatestBryanever November 03, 2007
Religion is an anachronistic vestige of pre-modern societies. Religion offers comforting, though naive and often inaccurate, explanations about the origins and future of humankind, the Earth and just about everything else. Religion is often learned in youth - when children readily mimic the behavior of their parents, siblings and peers. Unfortunately, most adults never recognize that the religious perspectives, values and practices that they were indoctrinated with as children are poorly suited to living in a modern scientifically oriented society where it is understood that there is no empirical evidence for such things as: magic, demons, angels, gods, heaven, hell, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, Santa Claus and the boogy man.

Religions continue to exist today because they are inherently adaptable; religious dogma changes markedly over time. Moreover, the many conflicting codes of behavior that religions advance can be used to justify any attitude or action, regardless of what the current century may be.
christianity, islamism, judiasm, buddhism, and other lies are typical religions.
by Think For Yourself October 11, 2007
It doesn't matter what religion you are, you're going to hell!
1) if you are christian your going because your not catholic, if your catholic your going to hell because your not in love with fucking allah, if allah is the shit then your going to hell because i'm typing this... you get it. its so stupid.. the only way your not going to hell is... o wait its all bullshit anyways there is no hell!

2) the flying spaghetti monster rules all.
3) religion is fake and it's a cult
by Q.A. June 20, 2007
Many religions have been invented over the centuries, but now, finally, our benevolent and slightly annoyed maker has decided to reveail Itself.
It is obvious, just look around you, that the world was created by a giant, Flying Spaghetti Monster! (blessed be his noodley appendage).
God is real, and he is made of Pasta!
Now sit back, relax, and be peaceful while munching on some Spag Bol. There is no hell, there is only the love of the Noodley Embrace.

All Hail FSM! rAmen!

Person One:Want some tomatoe,basil and garlic pasta?
Person two: Yes please. Ahh, this is the life.No silly made up religion for me.
by gahgah March 24, 2007
usually based on selling people a personal insurance policy that can only be cashed in at death by the purchaser. therefore, impossible to know whether said religion has enough assets in the account to draw on or whether the seller has skipped off with the benefits, until too late. therefore, faith based. often accompanied by general claim to a sky-god/s authority of some kind, portrayed usually by representatives as a highly-strung, insecure person/s with a do-or-die outlook on life ie. 'you do or you die'. choice of insurers avaiable with various policy standards and disclaimers. onus upon buyer to prove worthiness rather than on sky-god. representatives arbitrate on disputes but no findings ever in favour of claimants thusfar.
religion...... the word 'ligion' said over and over again.
anyone know what a 'ligion' is?
by Hedley Clubnobber September 28, 2006
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