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A word that is quite subjective, given that everybody has different morals. To say that some one can do "good", Good must first be defined. An act of moral goodness in one persons eyes may be abhorrent in anothers. To assert that one is a moral person would require that some definition of good be a universal constant, and due to the fact that everyone has different morals, we are left with few options.
B.There are no morals
PersonA: Eating meat is horrible!
PersonB: My Culture eats nothing but meat!
PersonA&B: You're evil an immoral!
by E-man216 November 13, 2004
The skin between to scrotum and buttoks.
I had scruttok surgery
by E-man216 October 25, 2003
The ultimate scapegoat!
and with no basis in reality, you can royally fuck political correctness!
1.You shmarmish son a bitch!
2.You damn dirty shmarms!
by E-man216 November 13, 2004
pure and untamed idiocy at its worst
Your stupid cuase you dont belive in god!
Now if you'll excuse me,I'm going to go worship a book and defy common sence!
by E-man216 October 25, 2003
A logical fallacy.
There is no such thing as a "true" xtain, given that the definition is relative.
Ever hear of the "No True Scottsman" fallacy?
by E-man216 February 10, 2005

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