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to commence ejaculation (male)
Cathy was late for work and needed to get in the shower, so she demanded that I release the doves.
by hinder90 May 25, 2006
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1.The act of ejaculating into ones own hand, holding the ejaculate then proceeding to fist another Man/Woman and releasing the contents inside.
2. As above but it happens while Righteous Brothers "Unchained Melody" is playing at the time of release.
I wish I had never heard of "Release the Doves", I would prefer to "Release the Doves" into Rosanne Barr the listen to another Nickleback track.
by Geomada August 08, 2012
1 To fart.
2 to shit.
3 anything that smells really bad

see also applefish
Chris came in, and I had to release the doves.
by lord xaero April 12, 2004

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