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3 definitions by hinder90

A self-important man who doesn't command the respect that he believes he does and therefore is not taken seriously by his peers and cohorts.

Often, as means to extract comedic value from a dickfart, he will be led to believe that his misbegotten status is legitimate, further making his false sense of authority appear that much more absurd.
I can't believe that dickfart just tried to tell us all how to do our jobs. How can he think he has any credibility when he doesn't even prepare for the meeting?
by hinder90 February 23, 2010
to commence ejaculation (male)
Cathy was late for work and needed to get in the shower, so she demanded that I release the doves.
by hinder90 May 25, 2006
One of the seven dwarfs... the cheerful one.
I rear-ended a car at lunch today. The driver gets out and, OMG! he's a dwarf. He comes up to my car and declares, "I am NOT happy!!" So I said, "Okay....So which one are you?"
by hinder90 February 09, 2008