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when you're being lazy and relaxing at the same time, a word invented through a typo in an instant messenger conversation.
she was relazing on the lawn chair by the ocean with a margarita and a hot date.
by rexarex(: August 07, 2009
relaxing while being lazy
when I dont want to do anything I spend my days relazing in my hammock.
by a.random.persona June 17, 2010
1. Combination of relaxing and being lazy.

2. To take ones ease by being disinclined to work or activity.
I have no plans, just relazing with Sarah.

There's a marathon of Golden Girls on Monday, I'm going to skip work and relaz by the boob tube.

by Windshield Wiper January 29, 2009
The combination of really and amazing.

1. For use when something or someone is really amazing.

2. Can also be used as an adverb.
1. August Burns Red isn't just good, they're relazing.

2. That movie was relazingly good.
by AdamHC March 23, 2008
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