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Rekax. Verb. To be at peace.. To calm down or to 'woosaah' in the face of irritating douchelords chatting crap.
Really, ignore him man, just rekax!
Rekax bro, he's a douche lord.
by BilskeeRav April 02, 2013
a type of forced relaxation aimed at a person who is mentally and physically freaking out. "Rekax" can also be used in the act of forcing someone to relax. "Rekax" is used in the threat that someone will lay hands on another to get them to relax and shut up. The kind of person to utilize this word is usually someone who is very irritated by a complaining friend and cant take the whining.

It is acknowledged that when a friend has to resort to using "rekax" the person complaining should know they have gone too far so they should heed the warning and shut up.
Rekax can also be used in clothing terms. such as a "rekaxed fit."
Guy: "Dude, I have court today and one of my baby's mama is gunna get me for more dough, I already have three other baby mommas! WTF am I gunna do bro???"
Friend: "Dude, rekax and shut the fuck up!"
Guy: but I'm not gunna have any money for more hoes!"
Friend: DUDE! I will force rekax you till you bleed!"
"man that bum is wearing one hell of a rekaxed outfit."
by keerahrah September 05, 2012

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