1) a younger girl who acts really mature for her age, has a great sense of humor and even tho she is as gorgeous as she is could still shit pump someone
brianna-omg she is such a whore
justin-well that makes no sense at all, reilly is the nicest hotest girl i know.. your just pissed cause she kicked your ass and still looks ten times better than you DYKE
by rungalo December 28, 2009
One of the prettiest girl name out there. If you have a Reilly, i recommend sticking with her. Reilly's can be paranoid if you don't text back fast enough, and are extremely shy.
Oh man, look her. She must be a reilly.

Wait what? your name's Reilly? Awesome.
by OmgBirds February 14, 2010
A super cool dude who is always cooler than HIS friends. Reilly excepts that all of his friends are wankers
Oh, his name is Reilly. That's why he is such a bamf hard ass.
by timburton24 May 23, 2012
Verb: To Reilly:

Striking an item with velocity so that it is in orbit for 3-7 hours.
Usually while shooting in football or punching a person in the head.
Person 1: So what happened with that fella' you were fighting?
Person 2: Ah sure, I Reillyed him in the head and left him unconscious.
by Slipperysteve June 21, 2011
An Irish baby name, most commonly used as a boys name but can also be used as a girls. courageous and valiant.
Reilly is a great name to name your new baby. Reilly would be a name to give to someone is they are very courageous or valiant.
by angalina November 11, 2014
Hated by everyone
Disliked by all women And always sure to ruin any relationships.
Wow! Reilly is such a faggot
by Bigfatbro90 June 23, 2014
A total douche bag PC gamer who won't stop bitching about the PS3 and the 360.
Hey bro check it out, There's a reilly over there.
by monkeyonastick September 09, 2011

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