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A strangely Polish way of saying the English word "rehearsal." Often invoked amongst other misspellings, strange wordings, portmanteaux, and other egregious verbal tropes. Saying one is going to "reheaslow" instead of "rehearsal" is a form of defiance, denying the uninformed listener a true understanding of the word's meaning but still invoking the spirit of self-betterment through practice.
Sorry for delay, but it's holliday time and we don;t have any reheaslows now, so it's a bit difficult to meet together.
PLease give us few days more, and we'll decided how we'll do this interviev, ok?
#rehearsal #practice #repetition #betterment #bettering #worsening #unpracticed #misspelling
by Zach O'Toole February 25, 2010
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