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Thinking about something you did and in "retrospect" regretting it.

By the way thought of this after seeing the "expression" (not even a word) fucking retrospect. Seems kinda crude. Challenge folks to be me more creative!
Two guys talking several weeks after a wild night out in Vegas.

Hey man you okay, you don't look so good.

Yeah, I sorta picked something up in Vegas that didn't stay in Vegas. In regretrospect I should have run from the tequilla shooter girl...
by Commoguy May 22, 2011
When you look back on something embarrassing or unfortunate you did in the past
Damn man, did you even look at that grenade before you hooked up with her last night?

Dont even remind me, I can barely shake this regretrospect as it is
by zee183 June 04, 2011

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