A ruler who acts on behalf of the rightful ruler during thier inability to rule.
The regent king Richard III killed his nephews, allowing his regency to continue to full corronation.
by Gumba Gumba July 12, 2004
Top Definition
The most pointless set of exams in the country. They're even worse more stupid than the SATs. And only in New York are they a requirement for graduation. 9 times out of 10, you don't need to even take the class to pass them.
I got a 90 on a practice biology regents before I even entered 9th grade.
by criminal January 17, 2005
A New York State exam. There are Earth science, biology, and chemistry regents, math sequential A and B regents, english regents, F-Language regents, Global/American History regents, and God-knows-what-else regents.
I've taken Bio, Global, and Earth science and they were easier than the teachers made it seem.
by Loki July 25, 2003
A meaningless exam that some states force all High Schoolers to take each year. If you fail it, nothing really happens except you being forced to take it again. You only have to pass 5 specific regents to graduate, which are all stupidly easy. There's absolutely no point to this exam as it's tailored so that even the niggest can pass. It's also the main reason why the rest of the world sees America's education system as what it is: a complete joke.

Here's an example from the New York Geometry Regents---getting 41 credits out of 86 (half the test right) nets you a 65%. Come in with your calculator and slam your face on the test and you'll pass, and if you don't come in during August and you'll definitely pass.
Fred: Oh shit, I've got Regents in one hour!

Zach: Those things don't count outside of New York.

Fred: Wait really?

Zach: Yeah, and colleges only care if you pass it or not. You could get a 100 or a 65 and it wouldn't matter for shit.

Jason: I just wrote all the formulas I'd need for my math regents on my arm because they aren't on the reference sheet for some reason.

Zach: Yeah that's what I did the proctors don't give a shit.
by pooperhunter69 June 20, 2014
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