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To have a previous injury be reawakened through unnatural cause or the incompetence of medical professionals.
To break something that has just been fixed.
"Oh man, Terry just refucked his car, and he just got the old dent taken care of"

"I refucked my knee in the basketball game. I guess it's back to the doctors."
by Phil February 25, 2005
To initiate a sexual act with someone whom you had formally committed the same act.
"I really need some, so i'm going to bite the bullet and get with Celeste again. It's no big deal because it'll be a re-fuck."
by jblakely March 13, 2010
1. N: A combination of retard and fuck
2. N: see fucktard
3. V: to fuck again; repeat fucking
2. I'm going to refuck you.
by Leah October 13, 2004
Combination of retard and fuck. Random yet useful fusion of words. Typically used as an insult.
Joe shit on himself. What a refuck!
by evil March 08, 2004
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