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a cigarette that's been put out and then relit later; a recycled cigarette.
no, i don't got any smokes. i've got this refry tho.
by alissenn mannssenn January 08, 2005
Midwestern slang for a re-lit cigarette.
Got a smoke?
I've got a re-fry.
by JDawg December 25, 2004
when you get other peoples ciggarette buds, and light them, so you can get like 2 puffs and risk all sorts of diseases
refries are all i can afford
by Broookealynn January 25, 2009
The left overs of a cigerette that are found in ash trays, that you pick up and smoke if your a fiending underage smoker.
1)Hey man lets go get some re-fries.

2) Im all outa cigerettes so we could go get some re-fries.

3) lets go get some re-fries after school.
by Josh E November 20, 2004
Old, stale french fries that have been briefly run through the deep fat fryer a second time to make them hot and greasy again. This is usually done to decieve a drive-thru customer into believing the fries are fresh until they get too far away to come back and complain.
Fast-food lackey: "This car just ordered three Super-size. Better make another basket of fries."
Fast-food manager: "Dude, it's five minutes until closing. Just give them re-fries."
by former burger flipper May 21, 2007
1. Leftover french fries that have been reheated in an attempt to return them to their original tasty state.
2. plural of refry
Example 1: Sally ate the refries leftover from her dinner yesterday.

Example 2: No matter what you try, there's no saving refries.
by nerdgir1 July 23, 2008
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