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3 testicles
I've got reetwole in my ballsac.
by Chodeser January 23, 2003
9 1
A condition in which one has three testicles enclosed in one's nutsack (a scrotum for the politically correct).
So, I heard that Bucky has reetwole.

No, actually that's just a rumor. But Timmy does.
by Gingerballman July 10, 2008
3 0
3 testicles
The President has reetwole.
by Rozzy January 18, 2003
3 0
The condition in which one has three testicles, which is also an anatomical dysfunction for those of you who thought otherwise.
Heart attack? I have reetwole! Yes I have three testicles bitch! Reewole.
by Walter Elias Disney September 21, 2006
2 1