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Northern English for 'right' when used as a adverb to positively pre-qualify a verb.
That pie was reet grand = That pastry based snack was highly delicious.
by Mister_Douve May 07, 2003
Common slang term used in the North West of England. Basically means "right" and is used to describe something that is "good". It is also used as a greeting, replacing the word "hello" or "hi". it can also be used as reassurance when faced with certain situations.
"That pie were proper reet"
That pie was very good
"Reet there lad"
Hello there mate
"Be reet"
Everything will be ok
by Heidious July 13, 2005
Similar to 'tard'--an abbreviation used for 'retard' but in a more jovial than malicious sense.
Can be coupled with certain nouns to enhance the adjective such as Reet Bomb, Reet City, Reetdiculous. The phrase Reet Storm can be used to describe a show of emotion from a Reet.
by haoolj April 11, 2005
"Reet" is a slang alternative to "Alright", used as a greeting from one friend to another. Majority of "reet" users are scenesters, but there are always exceptions.
Rennie: "Reet,"
Dennis: "Reet,"
by Dennis McInally February 17, 2009
Short for "Retarded". Used jokingly among friends to show humerus disapproval or stupidity.
That picture of you is so reets.

Screw studying for challenge and change. The whole course is reets.
by LIL'ZAR June 19, 2010
Someone who is a retard/ short for retard.

(Retard meaning being stupid)
*screams, shouts and acts stupid*
"Oh my god stop it you reets!"
by Tori Blakeman December 11, 2015
of canine descent, is often in for the long haul
reets the enigma is coming over for another big night, the dog
by perro_enigma August 21, 2011
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