comin from k-town eastside knox t.n. its a shorter word for reeboks
that lil girl messed up when she stepped on my new rees
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Slang used for whatever you want
A ree, there is a samby in the woods.
by Dupree Dupree February 23, 2004
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18 year old male with disproportionate chest. Also loses all forms of personality when sober. Possibly bi-sexual and now out of the loop.
by sean July 09, 2004
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An awkward child who comes from a fucked up family. This kid probably turn to prostitution later on in life.
KID 1: Hey there is a party at Rees's house
KID 2: Don't go there, that kid is awkward and comes from a fucked up family and will probably turn to prostitution
by WheezyLegere April 09, 2015
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A spastic over the top loud obnoxious jackass!! If u know the one and only Ree in existence god help you
That guy was being a total Ree the other day!!
by Heysus October 12, 2004
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Expresses many things, such as: excitement, confusion, contentment, indifference, or anger.
(Shwanbeck): What's up choad?

(Homer): "Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"


(The Chad): What the hell was that?

(Cuddles): Ree?
by the chizzle March 17, 2008
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Short for "rebound". Heard on the former Nickelodeon game show GUTS by host Mike O'Malley every time the game "Rebound" was played.
"No way," you say? Well, in "Rebound", the ree is yours.
by QU1CK W1CK 33 August 29, 2007
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