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Reeble \Ree"ble\ (r=e"b'l), a.
ree·ble reeb’l (comparative ree·bler, superlative ree·blest)

Antonyms; Anti-Reeble, Weak, Suck, NotCoolEnoughToBeReeble, Losers, Not Hacking.

Invent/Discovery :
<1337Reeble> VIP Jokerfit
Publication :
<1337Reeble> God Spike
1. To be part of the reeble clan,

2. Reeble; Spike, Jokerfit, BlackJack, Killer, ownage, ownt, pw3nd, hax0rs!, Dead, Destroyed, Killed, Slaughtered, Massacred, Awsome, Cool, 1337.

3. Being full of Reeble, better than everyone else.

4. To reeble, in ones sleep.

5. Reeble at someone; scare, frighten, disturb.

6. To play on Heist and win, as always.

7. Have fun even if you lose, and only lose because you'r not trying and letting them kill you.
by Brian Piotrowski (aka Spike) July 26, 2004

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