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short for retard. usually used with word "freakin"
Jeeze! M_ is such a freakin reeree
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
1. someone who acts retarded
2. someone who is retareded
3. someone who is being a jerk
4. someone doing something stupid
5. tobin
GOD! Tobin is such a ree ree.
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
1.One who is mentally retarded or acts accordingly.
2.A very dumb, astranged individual.
That guy is a Ree Ree if ive ever seen one.
by Robert Cole September 18, 2003
a mentally challenged person
'That guy across the street is a total ree-ree.'
by muad'dib August 26, 2003
To not be mentally or physically hanicapped but still act like it anyway
"holy shit he is a reeree"
by Reegs2 April 07, 2010
Noun: One who acts as if they are mentally retarded.
Josh just tripped down the stairs, what a ree ree.
by ihatev September 22, 2007
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