Smug way of telling someone that something is repeating itself.
WORKER:Taking out the trash twice a day is rather redundant boss.
BOSS: Just do what your told and take out the damn trash.
by chaoticsaint, pcsaynt February 18, 2014
an awesome green day song that has good guitar sounds; the song is very lovesick; the premise is about a relationship where things are getting stale and the lovers dont know what to do to make things better
No I cannot speak,
I lost my voice,
I'm speechless and redundant,
Cause I love you is not enough,
I'm lost for word
by GreenDayIsTheBest April 16, 2004
this definition.
"that definition was redundant"
by grando el pizza May 22, 2004
see redundant see redundant
find example in redundant
by yohan van durgen schmut September 09, 2006
something thats crazy, sexy, or cool.
shaniqwa got her hair braided. That shit redundant.
by jamal February 14, 2005
something that is crazy, sexy, or totally super cool.
shaniqwa got her hair braided that shit redundant!
by phill March 02, 2005

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