(adj.) Something that is extremely, plaid speed heinous or ridiculous.
Look at that lady's hat. That shit is redonkulous.
by himguy October 27, 2006
something that is more then rediculous becomes redonkulous
teacher: 4000000 word essay for HW tonight
you: thats redonkulous
by Louie21 March 01, 2006
adj; an expression of the word "ridiculous" but to a much larger degree; often used whilst under the influence of intoxicating agents such as alcohol; used to express a range of emotions included but not limited to: being impressed, fright, awe, amusement, disgust, surprise, appreciation, basic interest in, depression, frustration and negativity
"He did a back flip with one leg?! That is redonkulous!"
"Are you really that shocked that Angela is a redonkulous crack-whore?"
by Andrew John August 31, 2005
a more meaningful rendition of rediculous. just sounding cooler.
"dude those shoes are soo cool they are redonkulous
by Chris February 03, 2005
1. To affect with great wonder; astonish
2. Deserving of ridicule; absurd, silly
1. "Last night was redonkulous -- I had one girl doing my laundry and another sucking my dick"
2. John looked quite redonkulous when he awoke on the bathroom floor naked.
by Anonymous March 05, 2003
See "dickriculous."
by g-xerxes January 29, 2003
When something is so ridiculous that it is borderline retarded.
Jane told her friend Mary that it was redonkulous that her boss made her phone back 3 times to make sure that the lunch order was indeed correct.
by JG2008 July 17, 2008

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