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Boots that are leather, highheeled, and thigh high just like ones found on a prostitute.
She best take off those prostiboots before someone asks her what she charges!
by Munky April 16, 2003
boots or shoes, very high heeled with long ankle and leg covering. usually equipped with straps or zippers. typically worn by sexy women, or women attempting tp be hot.
The stripper strapped on her prostiboots before going on stage.
by emteeDUB November 24, 2007
1. thigh high boots that desperate women wear to attract a rich loser.

2. fuck me pumps (listen to Amy Winehouse's "Fuck Me Pumps")
Tiger's coming to the club tonight and Rachel has on her prostiboots...conicidence? I think not!
by fat-momma5 January 07, 2010
Whores wear big ass boots to match their big ass boobs.
Chester Molester: Check out Sunshine in those prostiboots!

The bigger the boots, the bigger the hole.
by William S. Stroker March 26, 2009
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